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Become a Distributor

If you are reliable, accurate, honest and interested in becoming a Forget-Me-Not Distributor, then we want to hear from you! 

Apply to be a distributor

  • Please complete and submit the form below.  Once a suitable route becomes available we will contact you to discuss this further.  We offer vacancies to our existing distributors in the first instance, then to those people on our waiting list.
  • You must be at least 13 years of age.  If you are under 16 you will be employed by Forget-Me-Not Publications Ltd. and your parent or guardian will need to complete a simple Council Work Permit form. You will not be entitled to any benefits such as holiday pay or sickness benefit. 
  • If you are aged 16 and over you will be offering your services to us on a self-employed basis.  This means you are responsible for making HMRC aware of your earnings and must supply us with your self-employed reference number which is issued to you by the tax office.        
  • Each route has been allocated a fixed rate of pay based on the average time it takes to complete that route.  For example, if a route takes an average of five hours, the fixed rate for that route will be 5 x hourly rate.  If you also deliver leaflets with your magazines that month you will be paid extra for these.
  • We alternate the areas we distribute to.  This means all distributors have two routes, one they cover one month and the other they cover the following month.

Guidelines for distribution

  1. You will receive a schedule of the dates magazines will be delivered to your home each month.   If you are out we will leave the magazines in a suitable place such as a porch etc.
  1. A highlighted map of your route will be sent with your first delivery of magazines. (Please note the numbers of magazines listed next to each road are estimates only). PLEASE KEEP THIS FOR FUTURE USE.
  1. If you have leaflets please refer to your leaflet slip for more details each month.  Please ensure you put one leaflet in each magazine prior to starting your delivery (beware of leaflets ‘sticking together’!).  This lessens the risk of you tripping whilst trying to ‘stuff’ the magazine when you are delivering.  If you wish to do this an alternative way, you do so at your own risk.  If you have any spare leaflets please leave these with your magazines as normal.
  1. All your magazines must be delivered within 7 days of receipt. If, for whatever reason, you are unable to do this please contact us as soon as possible on 01329 288822 ext 405.
  1. Do not deliver to any business premises (unless also a private dwelling) or any flats (unless specified).
  1. Do not deliver to any households displaying signs such as ‘No Free Newspapers’ but please DO deliver to homes with signs such as ‘No Cold Callers/Canvassers' etc.
  1. Do not deliver after 9 pm on any evening, before 8 am Monday – Friday or before 9 am on a Saturday or Sunday.
  1. Please ensure all magazines are pushed right through the letterbox.  However, do not put yourself at risk if you have any concerns about your personal safety regarding dogs, etc. If you do have any such concerns do not deliver to that property and let us know as soon as possible.
  1. Once you have finished distribution please contact us by texting 07555 291942 or calling 01329 288822 ext 405. Please ensure you leave your full name and details of whether you have any spare magazines or need any extras to complete your routes.  Please leave any spare magazines (over 50 copies) outside your front door in a double bag. 
  1. If you are self-employed please send us your invoice for that month as soon as possible. 
  1. Once we have picked up all distributors’ magazines we process everyone’s payments in a single batch at the end of the month. These payments will be made electronically into each distributor’s bank account.  If you are employed by us a pay slip will be emailed to you.
  1. Please let us know of any holidays etc. as soon as possible.
  1. It is your responsibility to ensure deliveries are completed accurately and within these guidelines. We carry out regular checks on every route to ensure all magazines and leaflets have been delivered. Any failure to complete deliveries correctly, without a valid reason, could result in dismissal.