This Month’s Feature

Roam With A Home

This Month’s Feature

Roam With A Home

Roam With a Home


With Spring just round the corner, have you ever hankered after life on the open road? There’s lots of choice, from day campers to micro campers and motorhomes.

Day campers – Camper vans or Class B motorhomes are compact vehicles for 2-4 people. They can be used for both daily commuting and weekend getaways. They feature basic amenities like sleeping space, a small kitchen, and sometimes a bathroom and are a great introduction to the world of camper vans.

Micro campers are even more compact, focusing on essential amenities while maintaining an easy-to-drive profile. They are ideal for solo travellers or couples seeking cost-effective adventure. Despite their much smaller size, micro campers can still offer a comfortable sleeping area and a functional kitchenette, though you might have to stand outside to cook.

Motorhomes are larger, spacious, and well-equipped mobile homes, from Class C, with attached cabins to the luxurious Class A type which resemble buses. Motorhomes provide the most comprehensive amenities, including full kitchens, bathrooms, and even entertainment systems. They’re suitable for families or individuals looking for a more comfortable and extended traveling experience.

Motorhomes and campervans definitely offer the freedom to explore new places while having your accommodation readily available, allowing for spontaneous detours and unique experiences. In a motorhome the journey becomes an integral part of the holiday, encouraging you to take the scenic route and discover hidden gems along the way.

Enthusiasts will extol the cost-efficiency of motorhomes and campers. It’s true that they can save you money on accommodation and dining expenses. With a kitchen on board, there is the option to prepare your own meals, reducing the need to eat out, but…campervans and particularly motorhomes can be extremely expensive. New models can come in over £30,000! That would pay for a fair few self-catering holidays, so if you only plan to use your motorhome once a year you might be better staying in a luxury lodge for a fortnight.

You also need to consider that regardless of the size, camper vans have limited living space compared to traditional homes. This requires careful organization and packing skills, plus an ability to get along very well with any travelling companions.

Maintaining any motorhome involves regular upkeep, storage, and servicing, and this can be more expensive than a regular vehicle.

Motorhomes can also be challenging to manoeuvre and park, especially in crowded areas, multi-storey car parks or on narrow roads.

If you’re still keen, establish a budget before you start shopping. Decide which amenities are essential for your comfort and convenience. If a full bathroom or a spacious kitchen is high up on your list of priorities, accept that you are not going to get away with a micro camper.

Before committing it’s wise to rent the size and model you are considering for a few days to see whether it suits your needs. You might decide that the motorhome holiday is not for you…or you might just kickstart a whole new lifestyle.

By Greg Palmer