This Month’s Feature

Marketing Your Business

This Month’s Feature

Marketing Your Business


Plan, Print and Promote

A Starter’s Toolkit for Advertising Success

Promoting a small or medium sized business often means working with a similarly small budget but you can still capitalise on advertising opportunities to grow your business. We’ve created this toolkit to help you get started…

Why advertise?

Advertising is a fantastic marketing strategy. Advertising your brand creates awareness of the services and products you offer. Marketing to your target audience promotes your business with the aim of increasing long-term/repeat sales.


Have a plan

It’s important to plan your advertising campaign. Start by defining your goals and what you want to achieve then set a budget for this. Do you want to increase sales in a particular area? Are you trying to widen your audience? Understanding your aims will help you stay focused and able to monitor how successful your adverts are.

Define your brand

Create a consistent visual design that is memorable and attractive. Customers are more likely to recognise your brand if you create a look and stick with it. Keep it simple and to the point – who are you and what do you stand for? It’s crucial to know your target market and look at your business offering through the eyes of your customers. Who needs and wants your products

and services? Make sure your name is clearly apparent in every advert by creating a headline or strapline that will capture attention and invite your potential customers to find out more about your offering.

Use targeted advertising

Identify who your customers are and how they like to be approached.

Print advertising and leafleting can be a vital part of SME marketing plans.

Local publications, such as Forget-Me-Not magazines, not only offer discounts on display advertising to new clients but they can help you with the design of your brand and marketing material,

including advert and leaflet layouts.  This kind of help can be invaluable, especially if design is an area you have little or no experience in.

Digital marketing via social media and search engine adverts can also be effective and direct mail using printed promotional material is a further option to consider.

And don’t forget that business cards can create potential customers every time

you hand one out.

Most people need to see an advert multiple times to connect with it. Achieve this by ensuring your brand is repeatedly seen by your target audience.

Offer discounts

Utilise the audience you already have by sending offers out with your invoices to encourage customers to return.

Offer promotions or competitions in your print adverts. For example, discounts for new customers making a purchase or booking your services by a specific date.

Connect with your customers

Send thank you cards. Not specifically an advert but still a valuable technique. Send a handwritten thank you note with your order or after you have completed your service. This could make you stand out against other businesses.

Get involved with your local community. Enter award competitions and trade shows, attend and sponsor charitable events or join community associations. Customers tend to want to invest in a brand that feels positive and personal.

And if you need a helping hand with promoting your business, the team at Forget-Me-Not is always here to help!

By Gemma Wardle