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  • "We are very pleased with the advert Forget-Me-Not has designed, thank you!"


    English Oak Landscaping

  • "Our advertising with Forget-Me-Not is working really well for us. "


    Waterlooville Carpets

  • "I just wanted to let you know what great results you have achieved since leafleting the SO postcodes for us.
    Our sales in that area have been outstanding and we have built up a fabulous client base following
    this success.

    “We have never previously leafleted with a magazine, so it was a gamble for us, but it has paid off. I hope the relationship between Ben’s Gutters and Forget-Me-Not is a long and
    successful one."


    Ben’s Gutters Ltd.

  • "I’m pleased to say that we had a great response from our leaflets and have been very happy with the delivery."


    South Hants Lawns

  • "Really impressed with the artwork Forget-Me-Not has created for us."

    Gary Callaghan

    DA Training and Consultancy

  • "Forget-Me-Not magazines really kicked my business off! My advertising brought in so many clients, it was fantastic. People really read the magazine and use the advertisers."

    Susan Paradise

    The Susan Paradise Clinic

  • "I have advertised very successfully with Forget-Me-Not Publications. I found them very efficient to deal with."

    Mrs Dale

    Five Past Seven

  • "Forget-Me-Not have given me an excellent service. The team were brilliant!"

    Ms Parsons

    Play It Up

  • "We’re getting a lot of leads from our adverts in Forget-Me-Not, which are then converting into business. Thank you Forget-Me-Not"

    Niki Eastlake

    Solent Glass and Glazing

  • "I’ve been inundated with calls! Thank you so much Forget-Me-Not."

    Erica Maggs


  • "We’ve never had so many enquiries in the 17 years we’ve been in business. Thank you Forget-Me-Not!"


    N J Winter Home Improvements

  • "We are pleased to say that Forget-Me-Not is bringing us substantial amounts of work. Thank you Forget-Me-Not"

    Lisa Clark

    Material Things

  • "Our adverts in Forget-Me-Not are providing numerous good quality leads, resulting in many Kitchen Makeovers. Thanks to all the staff for their ongoing help and guidance and we look forward to continued success."

    Peter Soley

    South Coast Kitchen Makeovers

  • "Absolutely brilliant. I have used these magazines for a few years now and I’m really happy with the results they bring. No matter who I deal with I always feel a very valued customer. Thank you Forget-Me-Not!"


    Fresh & Clean Carpets

  • "Forget-Me-Not allowed us to reach many residents in the local area, we received a great response from our advert."

    Human Resources Team

    Fareham Borough Council

  • "We’re picking up lots and lots of leads from Forget-Me-Not - thank you!"

    Sam Dye

    Drive Doctor

  • Female Bust

    "We find Forget-Me-Not really useful for finding local businesses"

    Mrs Berry

    Local Resident

  • Female Bust

    "We all enjoy your magazine popping through our doors, it is very informative."

    Marsha Hale

    Local Resident